‘Blood and Fire’ picked as 2009’s best by TrekMovie

TrekMovie.com: Blood and Fire

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TrekMovie.com, the leading Star Trek movie news site, named the Star Trek: Phase II production of Carlos Pedraza’s screenplay, “Blood and Fire, Part 2″ the best Star Trek fan production of 2009.

Carlos co-authored the screenplay with noted scifi author David Gerrold (“The Trouble with Tribbles”), who also directed the episode.

TrekMovie.com hailed “Blood and Fire, Part 2” as:

An emotional yet exciting story, complete with the excellent production values and effects that we have come to expect from the Phase II team.

The past year also attracted kudos for Carlos’ work from Joss Whedon, who told Rolling Stone that the Phase II episode, “World Enough and Time,” which Carlos co-executive produced, inspired Whedon to create the Internet phenomenon Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog.

Rolling Stone, by the way, named Phase II, among its five must-watch Web series.

Blood and Fire” is based on a script Gerrold originally wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation in the 1990s. It was never produced because its passing reference to a male couple aboard the Enterprise was considered too controversial by the producers.

Carlos adapted the script for the original Trek series-based Phase II, expanding the story to include Captain Kirk’s nephew Peter as one part of the male couple. Interestingly, two decades later, that portrayal proved controversial when “Blood and Fire, Part 1″ debuted a year ago.

Fortunately, Part 2’s release this past November was greeted by far fewer objections.

“Blood and Fire” was shot by Judas Kiss‘s director of photography, Dave Berry, and second-unit director Ben Alpi of our partner company, Runic Films, with visual effects by Joël Bellucci.

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